Are you looking for some greenery in Dubai’s climate? Look no further than your very own balcony. Balcony gardening in Dubai provides countless opportunities to turn your outside area into a greener paradise, no matter your level of gardening experience.

The residents of Dubai are well aware of the hot and humid summer season that goes through every year and the limited rainfall.

What are some gardening tips and tricks suitable for the weather in Dubai?

In the United Arab Emirates, summer officially begins in April, and high temperatures are not good for plants. But we must also figure out how to make the most of our gardening passion and fill our surroundings with as much greenery as possible. If they still need to crisp up, the plants on the balcony that used to blossom during Dubai’s winters may soon wither and dry out. If you live in a flat, don’t give up because summertime doesn’t have to be so scary, also Green Life Organic Farming experts are with you to help at any time. Here are a few tips and tricks ;

  1. Map Out Your Balcony

We all know summers are hot, bright, and sunny, but in the planting world, it is important to get to know your balcony at the micro level. What kind of light and how many hours of light does your balcony get? Is your balcony shaded, partially covered, or fully exposed? How will the direct sun and warm wind affect the plants on your balcony? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before setting up your balcony. This will help you design the layout of your balcony garden before you start purchasing & arranging your plants. 


  1. Choose the right plants.

Select plants that are comfortable with the climate of Dubai. Hardy plants that can tolerate the extreme heat, such as cacti, aloe vera, and desert rose, are great options because they need little water. Herbs that grow well in Dubai’s climate, such as mint, basil, and rosemary, can enhance the flavour of your dishes. Other summer-friendly plants such as bougainvilleas, hibiscuses, frangipani, yellow trumpet flowers, or damas trees are also popular choices. They add a refreshing effect to the home garden, provided you take care of them appropriately.  


  1. Invest in Quality Soil and Fertiliser

A good balcony garden starts with high-quality soil. To provide your plants with the essential nutrients they require, choose strong, lightweight containers as well, so they won’t break under the harsh Dubai sun.  Feed your plants with the right soil and fertiliser, all available at the Garden Centre! They need nutrients to grow. Do some research regarding the type of soil and fertilisers that are best suited for your plants. 


  1. Water the garden with care 

Water is a valuable resource, therefore, it’s important to manage its use in your balcony garden in Dubai. Different varieties of plants need different levels of watering. Both over and under-watering can prove to be harmful .Water your plants in the early morning or late at night for best results to reduce evaporation and increase absorption. To keep moisture levels constant and avoid wasting water, make an investment in drip irrigation systems or self-watering pots.


 5. Provide shades

Most plants love sunlight, but extended exposure to Dubai’s intense heat can blister sensitive leaves and make them fade. Arrange your pots so that they receive the right amount of shade and sunlight all day long. To shield your plants from the sun during the warmest part of the day, think about putting in retractable awnings or utilizing shade cloths.

  1. Seasonal Maintenance and Care

 Balcony gardens, like any other, need constant upkeep to be attractive and healthy. Keep an eye out for any indications of pests, illnesses, or nutrient shortages in your plants, and act quickly to remedy any problems you find. To ensure that your balcony garden grows all year round, prune any dead or overgrown vegetation, fertilize as needed, and regularly refresh the soil.

Balcony gardening provides a wonderful opportunity to establish a peaceful environment just outside your home and a connection with the natural world. You may create a flourishing area that increases the beauty and joy of your outside space by following and accepting the chances and limitations of Dubai’s environment.  Contact Green Life Organic Farming LLC, and start your balcony gardening adventure right now!